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Bug#669935: Debian Installer does apply keymap used during installation to resulting initramfs

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20120327+b1

I have been installing Debian testing/wheezy from a recent snapshot
netinst with a German keyboard layout selected.  As I chose dm-crypt
during disk partitioning I have been entering a password with a German
keyboard layout during installation.

On reboot cryptsetup asks for a password with a US keyboard layout,
rather than German.  There is no hint about that and there seems to be
no way to select a different layout without entering the password under
a foreign/US keyboard layout first.

I would expect that the installer makes sure that the keyboard layout of
the initramfs is the same as the one used during installation or that at
least I have the option to make that happen.  Currently, nothing tells
the user that the layout is no longer German on reboot and there is no
easy way of switching the layout without passing that very password gate
first.  Please consider solving this problem.  Thanks!

PS: In case that's relevant: I deselected the installation of desktop
environment and basic system utilities during the installation process.

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