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Re: PowerPC architecture not supported by libparted

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 11:26:14PM +0200, pferrucci wrote:
> While trying to install Ubuntu on a PowerPC computer (Sam460 made by ACube Systems), debconf/partman says (translated):
> the partitioning utility have no information on the default partition table of this architecture. Please send an email with nore information.
> So here is the email but I don't know what kind of information I can give to you. I just want partman to overwrite the whole disk whatever is currently on it.
> How can I help you with more information? How can I go further in the installation process?

I suspect that means it doesn't know what kind of partition table a
Sam460 expects.

For example it knows an IBM powerpc wants an MSDOS partition table.
And it knows a powerpc MAC wants an apple partition table (while intel
macs wants GPT).

I believe the sam460 wants an amiga RDB partition table.

Len Sorensen

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