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Bug#472704: I face same issue W: Failure while configuring base packages.

This bug report remains open only as a request for debootstrap to
somehow extract and print the actual error message from debootstrap.log
when the installation of a package fails. Ideally that would be done 
in a form that prevents users from filing bug reports on debootstrap
for random transient package breakage in unstable.

Please do not continue to post random transient package breakage in
unstable reports to this bug report. (Hint: This bug report
is from 2008, while your breakage is from 2012 or later. Hint: If you
got to this bug report via google, I'm talking to you. File a new bug
for your new issue; consider filing it on the package that's actually
broken, not on debootstrap.)

(Regarding libept, it will be fixed once the libept1 binary is removed
from unstable by the usual processes, presumably.)

see shy jo

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