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announcement of the Tibetan translation

Dear all,

I'm Tennom, from Tibetan translation team. I graduated in 2010 with a bachelor degree in computer science and since 2011, I'm teaching computer science courses at a three year diploma (a college level education system) school in Lhasa, Tibet. I was with some other contributors localized ubuntu11.10 in Tibetan and packed it in new .iso that is free downloadable online. I also work as a part time for Braille Without Borders, a blind school made a tibetan speech synthesizer theme for Orca, but I have no experience with debian OS and the installer. I would like to enable the d-i in ubuntu os in Tibetan first.   

We already finished with sublevel 1 of d-i and before next week, will be done with sublevel 2 or could be sooner than that.
Thank you,

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