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Bug#667703: Please remove synaptic entirely from task-desktop

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > It should be the role of metapackages to handle which packages are
> > installed onto which desktop environment.
> This actually depends how close a given desktop environment's definition
> of "desktop environment" is to common user expectation of a linux
> desktop. For example, none of the DE's include a print server, but a
> Debian desktop system should have one.

And one might argue to Joss argument that tasksel tasks are
metapackages per se so pulling in packages can be seen as belonging to
them (otherwise, tasksel tasks become useless).

But, of course, when tasksel metapackages are pulling DE metapackages
that are pulling some packages, we don't need to replicate this in tasksel..:)

> > The gnome metapackage already pulls synaptic. If we decide one day to
> > replace it, it shouldn’t need two changes, one in gnome and one in
> > tasksel.
> I agree, there is no reason to pull in synaptic twice for gnome.

OK, so long for not pulling synaptic through the gnome task...and not
moving it to the desktop task

That leaves us with the decision of either adding synaptic to the KDE
task....or leave it up to KDE maintainers to do it in one of their

(and same decision for other DE)


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