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Bug#667703: [task-desktop] Please install Synaptic Package Manager

Quoting Filipus Klutiero (chealer@gmail.com):

> The idea of having each desktop provide its package manager was
> good, but kpackage was very far from matching Synaptic. It was even
> removed from KDE later, with the result that installing
> task-kde-desktop no longer causes the installation of a graphical
> package manager, as reported in
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=586982
> There is still nothing that matches Synaptic today.
> Furthermore, we now have LXDE and Xfce, which are also not
> preinstalling any graphical package manager. So I think Synaptic
> should be preinstalled on all DE-s... except that in Squeeze, GNOME
> itself does not preinstall Synaptic. Instead, it preinstalls GNOME
> PackageKit.

I agree with the idea of graphical environments to need a graphical
package manager (though, for LXDE and Xfce, one might argue that users
of these environments are probably looking for a "not-too-bloated"
environment and therefore could maybe deal with a text-based package

Before adding this, I'd like to get comments from other tasksel
maintainers (that would be Otavio and/or Joey).

The concern might be dependencies being pulled in by synaptic. I'm
not in position to test that but wouldn't it pull "half of GNOME" into
other graphical environments? :-). At least probably some GTK
libraries that wouldn't be pulled otherwise?

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