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Bug#667681: flash-kernel: Please add support for Dreamplug / Marvell Kirkwood FDT

Thanks for all your excellent explanations!

* Ian Campbell <ijc@hellion.org.uk> [2012-04-05 23:06]:
> I guess upstream is forcing all new board ports to use DT, which will
> certainly be a pain for boards with a non DT bootloader.

Yes, that's exactly the kind of devices I have in mind.

> > Also, does it really say "Machine: Marvell Kirkwood (Flattened Device Tree)"?
> Yes, it really does say that. I thought it was weird too but grepping
> around in arch/arm it seems to be a fairly common structure (although
> things aren't all that consistent)

Ok... but so how do you know which board you're running on?

What I'm wondering is about the following scenario:

We support multiple devices.  Let's say we support the following two:

 - Dreamplug: which has u-boot support for DT.

 - Some random NAS device which has a u-boot that is not DT capable,
   so you have to add the DT blob to the kernel.

Obbiously, flash-kernel has to do two different things:

 - For the Dreamplug we just need to convert the kernel/ramdisk to a
   uImage/uInitrd for u-boot.

 - For the random NAS, we also have to copy the DT blob to the kernel

I'm not sure how his can be done if the Machine: string for both
devices says "Marvell Kirkwood (Flattened Device Tree)".

Martin Michlmayr

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