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Skipping network configuration


I'm working on bug #476540 [1]. The bug is about skipping network configuration even there is a possible network interface(s). I dig into this issue.

Now, debian-installer's hw-detect module runs before netcfg. If hw-detect can't find a network interface then asks user to select driver or select no ethernet card to skip this step. This information sends to netcfg_get_interface function at netcfg-common.c (line 665). There is a variable keeps this value, num_interfaces. If it is 0 then ask for netcfg/no_interfaces and return its value. 

I thought about this issue. I think this can be done in some ways. First one is adding skip button to skip this step. If I decide to do that, I should also remove a behavior of netcfg. If there is one interface netcfg tries to configure network. I should ask user for selecting a primary network interface. In that menu user can skip configuring the network step.

Other opinion is adding a entry (Not here or something like that) to selecting primary network interface. If user selects this entry, debian-installer's behavior will be same as there is no ethernet card selection from hw-detect which I mentioned before.

I'm not sure which one I should prefer. What do you prefer?

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=476540

Mesutcan Kurt

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