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Status of d-i on ARM

I tested the 20120327 installer on several ARM devices.  Here are
the bugs I ran into:

#655437 Automatic kernel selection fails with 3.x kernels
#666218 udeb broken: micro-evtd.command: line 10: syntax error: bad function name
#666223 60-persistent-input.rules required in udev-udeb
#638263 Usage: grpck [options] [group [gshadow]]
#666788 partman no longer prints warning when no disk

I tested the installer on the following devices:

 - GuruPlug
 - HP mv2120
 - OpenRD-Client
 - QNAP TS-219
 - SheevaPlug
 - Thecus N2100

Martin Michlmayr

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