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Re: Adding New Script Variants on Debian Installer

Quoting Eagle Burkut (eagle.burkut@gmail.com):
> Dear Debian Developers/Maintainers,
> How can we have new language/script on debian installer? Is there any
> requirement? If there is, what is the requirement?
> Ubuntu uses Debian Installer and it has Arabic based Uyghur. We need Latin
> based Uyghur too.

We need to go though the whole New Language Process as we did for "ug"
with Gheyret Kenji

Please notice however, that a new translation adds an extra size to
the installer so we need some good rock solid rationale for adding a
variant of an existing language.

Also, variants have not been proven as working properly as of now : we
for instance have a "sr@latin" variant for Serbian that is not
activated yet because supporting it requires changes to localechooser
that nobody did until now.

(the main problem comes from the fact that localechooser assumes that
the chosen language code and the chosen country can be concatenated :
fr for language then FR as country, give "fr_FR".....while this
doesn't work for "sr@latin" combined with a country code such as "RS"
as the locale should be "sr_RS@latin", not sr@latin_RS)

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