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Re: Planning for final lenny point release (5.0.10)

On 27.02.2012 01:12, dann frazier wrote:
Ok - sounds like no DSA, but maybe an upload via o-p-u. My vote is to
do no kernel upload if the release gets scheduled for the first
weekend in march - that's one week out, and I'll have spotty
availability beginning mid-week. For later weekends, I'm for it.

As you most likely saw already, we've scheduled the point release for the 10th; i.e. a week and a bit from now.

Feel free to go ahead with the kernel upload, so we can get it chucked at the buildds. If we could look at getting lkdi and d-i sorted fairly quickly after the kernel builds are in, that would be great, so we don't end up with any last minute surprises; let us know if there's anything you'd like us to assist with there. I was hoping we could get away with binNMUing d-i, but we'd need a manual upload for hppa anyway, so we might as well start with a source+hppa upload I suppose...



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