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Re: Running on rotated screen

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 11:45:55AM -0800, Loving, Kent wrote:
> I want to build a debian installer CD that will be used on a device with a screen that is rotated. I've found that I can boot a debian LiveCD and (while craning my neck) open a shell and run "xrandr -o left". After that the display is 'correct' and I can run /usr/sbin/debian-installer-launcher and d-I also displays 'correctly'.
> I am hoping to avoid launching the Live image. But if I boot directly to the d-I GUI there is no xrandr command. Is there a udeb package w/ xrandr? Is there a boot option to start the X server rotated?

The installer does not use X, so no xrandr.  It runs on framebuffer

Perhaps you could rorate your display during the few minutes you are
doing the install.

Your BIOS and lots of other things would also require that.

Of course the framebuffer has lots of neat options so you could try
adding a kernel option when booting the installer with:

fbcon=rotate:1 (for rotate clockwise) or
fbcon=rotate:3 (for rotate counterclockwise)

Might work.  But probably only in text mode install, since graphical
mode does its own thing and fbcon only controls console text on the
framebuffer device.

Unfortunately I just tried it, and while it does rotate the kernel
messages, as soon as the debian installer starts and asks which language
you want, it has switched back to "normal".

So it really does not seem possible with the installer.

Len Sorensen

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