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Bug#656939: Bug#616367: linphone segfaults on receiving call

On Fri, 4 Mar 2011 08:19:59 Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> This bug along with the significant other number of bugs about segfaults in
> linphone means that linphone is unusable by most users, which is a release
> critical situation that should have been fixed before release (or linphone
> removed; I'm just reporting the bug because I was testing linphone for my
> purposes, not because I care about linphone especially).

With regards to the number of segfaults with linphone a number of new versions 
have been uploaded to unstable/ experimental.

Could I ask the submitters of these reports to upgrade to the linphone package 
in experimental and report back if they are still experiencing these issues.

If the segfault issues are resolved that would help the migration from 
experimental-> testing. (#656939)



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