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Bug#577840: No network on Toshiba Satellite L300

retitle 577840 Missing support for Agere softmodems (e.g., HDA modem chips 11c11040 and 11c13026)
reassign 577840 src:linux-2.6 3.2.6-1
# hardware support
severity 577840 important
tags 577840 = upstream

Hi Diana,

Diana Allen wrote:

> 4.  On install, (Graphical or Graphical Expert or Rescue,) Reloaded
> multiple times using different install means; Can NOT configure
> Network, Does NOT find Wireless OR Modem. 
> (I can understand it NOT finding the softmodem, supplied by Agere,
> possibly since it is located on,(according to windows,) "location 1
> (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)" and has a hardware ID of
> HDAudio\Func_02&VEN_11C1&DEV_1040$SUBSYS_11790001&REV_1002.)
> 5.  AFTER install "Device manager" pkg shows Ethernet controller,
> but system will NOT activate controller. Unit is Intel,
> RTL8101E/RTL8102E, PCI Express Fast Ethernet Controller.  (According
> to Intel, and Linux sources, the drivers are IN the Kernal!)
> 5. "Device manager" ALSO shows Wireless WiFi Link 5100 - Intel, BUT
> NO INTERFACE.  It does NOT show up on "Net Manager" AT ALL.
> 6.  Modem simply NOT found
> 7.  Install FINDS Bluetooth, WHICH I DO NOT HAVE!!!
> The above leaves me with NO POSSIBLE Internet connection using
> Debian, even IF I had anything but dial-up.

Thanks, and sorry for the slow response.

If we're lucky, the Ethernet driver problem was
<http://bugs.debian.org/627704>, which was fixed in version 2.6.32-36
of the kernel package.  That fix was included in the Debian 6.0.3 point

The lack of support for your wifi card is
<http://bugs.debian.org/501157>, fixed in 2.6.28 (and hence in Debian 6
which uses a 2.6.32 based kernel, too).

There have been some reports of your softmodem (11c11040, agrsm)
working under Linux.  We unfortunately do not have the complete source
code to or non-discriminatory distribution rights for the driver.
When you build it, you get:

| WARNING: could not find /var/lib/dkms/agrsm-11c11040/20081208/build/.agrmodemlib.o.cmd for /var/lib/dkms/agrsm-11c11040/20081208/build/agrmodemlib.o
| FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module agrmodem.ko uses GPL-only symbol 'snd_hda_codec_write'
| make[1]: *** [__modpost] Error 1

Maybe someone at LSI can help clear this up, or maybe there will need
to be a reverse-engineering effort.  Reassigning to kernel to track

 agrsm-11c11040-2.1.80-20110811.tar.bz2 from

>   Adanaxis - Loads but doesn't work.
>   Extreme Tux Racer - Loads, but can't be run as it has screen
>     resolution problems with Laptop.

If you get a chance to try Debian 6, I'd be happy to look into the GPU
and touchpad problems.

Hope that helps,

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