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Bug#660070: [INTL:kn] tasksel kn

Quoting Vikram Vincent (vincentvikram@gmail.com):
> Package: tasksel
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: l10n, patch
> -- 
> Vikram Vincent

Thanks to the team for your work.

A minor point: could you consider sending bug reports with a more
explicit title than 'tasksel kn'.

I am used to various languages and I now about kn==Kannada. This is
less sure for all maintainers and it would help them if either the bug
text or, better, the bug title contains something more informative.

For instance, here:

[INTL:kn] Kannada translation of tasksel tasks

Of for debconf templates

[INTL:kn] Kannada translation of debconf templates

And something like "Please find enclosed the translation of this
package's debconf templates. This file should be put as kn.po in the
appropriate place in your package tree".

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