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Re: Automatically identify the suite to use for udeb fetching

On Thu, 2012-02-02 at 17:43 -0200, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> To try to work out of box for most situations we use
> /etc/debian_version information to detect from witch suite to
> grab udebs from but allow for overriden by auto-builders.
>  - If /etc/buildd_target exists, use this for suite (to be used by
>    buildds)
>  - Otherise, use /etc/debian_version to detect the suite to use.

+BUILDD_TARGET=$(shell [[ -e /etc/buildd_target ]] && sed 's,sid,unstable,g' /etc/buildd_target || echo "")
+ifeq (${BUILDD_TARGET},)
+USE_UDEBS_FROM=$(shell grep -q '/sid$' /etc/debian_version && echo "unstable" || cat /etc/debian_version)

Right now, on a stable system, that will result in USE_UDEBS_FROM being
set to "6.0.4".  That doesn't seem like it will do anything useful,
particularly as there's no such directory in dists/ (there's a
"Debian6.0.4" symlink, but I imagine that trying to get apt to use that
is unlikely to work well).

I realise that the plan is for it to be handled via the new variable, I
just wonder if there's an alternative approach that doesn't rely on
changes to every {old,}stable, testing and experimental build chroot.  I
pondered suggesting parsing sources.list, but then realised that won't
work if sources.list.d files are in use.

> This would allow us to have the experimental building working, using
> experimental buildds, and use unstable for beta and rc releases. When
> stable comes, buildds can set the suite according too.

Has this been discussed with the buildd folks yet, given they'd need to
be the ones adding all the flag files?



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