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switch to console-setup?


According to
there's not much left before switching d-i to console-setup. I have
processed FJP's review mails and turned them into a few bug reports &

#658668 console-setup: Only include the debconf-selectable layouts in udeb
(only a matter of size, which is already smaller than kbd-chooser+console-data)
#658046 console-setup-udeb: Please skip keymap configuration when d-i is run on a serial or UML console
#658049 console-setup-udeb: Go back does not work in layout toggle question

All three seem minor to me and not an excuse for not making the switch.

There is however one thing that I couldn't really test: non-x86 archs,
as I don't have the hardware.

Shall we just do the switch and ask non-x86 people to try daily images?
We have to do the switch real soon to make sure it is well-tested.


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