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Bug#659210: debian-installer: Installation from DVDs: Configuration of the Package Manager failed

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20110106+squeeze4
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

I tried to install Debian/Testing from DVDs that I had made (jigdo)
of the snapshot on 2012/02/06. I used the expert mode of the installer.

The base system obviously was installed correctly but then the
installation came to the point where it tried to analyze the CD
for further packages (or something like this, the screen went
away very fast).

Shortly afterwards I got this message:
!! Configure the package manager
apt configuration problem
An attempt to configure apt to install additional
packages from the CD failed.

Later on I noticed:
- The installer only offered me "standard utilities" to be installed.
  Nothing more. For instance, no X.
- There was no question for further CDs/DVDs as I saw it in former
  versions of the installer
- I checked the integrity of the DVD. It was ok.

syslog is in the appendix.

-- System Information:
Removed the system information because I am writing this report
on a different, running system.

-- no debconf information

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