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Bug#659116: debian-installer: GRUB fails to be installed on machine with IDE and SATA disk

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20110106+squeeze4
Severity: grave
Tags: d-i
Justification: renders package unusable

I tried to re-install Debian/Testing on the same hard disk where it had been
before. I installed from DVDs that I had made (jigdo) of the snapshot on
2012/02/06. I used the expert mode of the installer.

Installation failed when it came to the point where GRUB had to be installed.
I got an error message like "GRUB could not be installed to /target".
A subsequent boot of the machine stopped with a GRUB error message:
- Stage 1.5
- Error 22

I noticed the following:
My machine has 2 hard disk drives built in. One is an IDE drive, the other
is a SATA drive.
- The BIOS (Amibios, version 0226) says that the IDE disk is the first hard
- Linux was installed on the IDE drive
- GRUB was installed on the MBR of the IDE drive
- The IDE disk was assigned to /dev/sda
- The SATA disk was assigned to /dev/sdb

Now during the installation process I noticed that the order of
assignments was reversed:
- The IDE disk was assigned to /dev/sdb
- The SATA disk was assigned to /dev/sda

Because I wanted the new system to reside on the same disk as before
I installed it to /dev/sdb3.

When the installation came to the point where GRUB had to be installed
I was not asked where to install it. I *guess* that GRUB might have been
installed on /dev/sda whereas the boot process still boots from the
first disk (/dev/sdb) where it finds leftovers of the previous GRUB

-- System Information:
Removed the system information because I am writing this report
on a different, running system

-- no debconf information

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