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Bug#658681: "Select and install software" fails with debian-testing DVD text install

On 05-02-2012 06:02, Joe Thompson wrote:
Package: installation-reports
Severity: critical
Tags: d-i
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-bugs@orion-com.com

Using the testing DVD that I downloaded the evening of 3 Feb 2012,
installation fails near the end (95% or so of the way through "Select
and install software") using the text installer.

Steps followed: all choices were the defaults except as follows --

* use entire disk with LVM
* use guided partitioning, separate /home
* use kernel linux-image-3.1.0
* scan another CD: No
* use a network mirror: Yes
   * debian.lcs.mit.edu mirror
* install options: Debian desktop, SSH server

Install failed after "Configuring ntfsprogs". -- Joe

Likely a mirror issue or disk full. Can you provide more info from what happened from the installation log?

I've just tested with the same tasks and it works.

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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