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My cdebconf is escaped !

Hi guys,

So, after weeks of fighting and turning the problem around (while moving
to Italy and starting a new job), I believe I have now finally
implemented the escape CAPB (might not be optimal, but I believe it
works). There is still some way to go before cdebconf can replace
debconf 100%, though. Running it on my laptop, it mostly works, but I do
have problems with some packages. The main ones I remember are :
 * Monkeysphere, the postinst script fails, though I don't remember the
 * ejabberd. During postinst, cdebconf seems to wait indefinitely on the
read() in confmodule.c, line 109. The problem only occurs if
"invoke-rc.d ejabberd start" is called during the postinst script,

These are the two main issues preventing a complete use of it at the
moment AFAIK. Beyond that, we also miss bits on the i18n side of things.

Ideally, my aim is to ship with wheezy a cdebconf that would be actually
usable, even if untranslated and still depending on debconf, and try to
transition for wheezy+1 (one can dream, right).

So, any comments ? Any idea on what the cause of the issues with
monkeysphere and ejabberd might actually be ?


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