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Bug#657830: win32-loader: Please make pxe.target depend on the ipxe package

Στις 31/01/2012 12:26 μμ, ο/η Didier 'OdyX' Raboud έγραψε:
I propose the attached patch that would do even "better", by providing a
win32-loader-pxe.exe from the Debian mirrors, available on
What do you (and debian-boot ?) think about that ?

Sorry my English aren't good enough, I don't know many words better than "awesome", so "perfect" will have to do!

Just a notice though, in case anyone tries it: the iPXE package in Debian and Ubuntu is currently broken, it errors with "B: command not found" when loaded from grub:

That error was fixed in a later upstream iPXE version, and AFAIK lynxman is working on packaging a new git snapshot and he's almost ready to upload it to Debian+Ubuntu:

Thanks again Didier!

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