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Bug#657544: successful install on ZOTAC ZBOXSD-ID12 barebone with Intel SSD 320 Series

Le vendredi 27 janvier 2012 à 11:03, Brian Potkin a écrit:
> On Thu 26 Jan 2012 at 23:03:03 +0100, Lionel Vaux wrote:
> > After completing the install and rebooting, the 
> > ethernet adapter works fine without any special firmware file
> > (although I keep getting a line "r8169 0000:01:00.0: eth0: 
> > unable to load firmware patch rtl_nic/rtl8168d-1.fw (-2)" in dmesg).
> You want the firmware-realtek package from non-free.

Ok, I installed it just to be sure... and noticed no particular change
(except for the warning in kern.log) since the adaptater worked fine
without it: my point is that I don't get why the installer requires it!

I also have noticed two minor nuisances related with the installer since
my bug report:

 (1) The settings of the WLAN adapter used during the install are saved
     in /etc/network/interfaces, which prevents network-manager to handle

     WLAN is most likely used on mobile devices under a desktop
     environment, hence having user provide the info twice would not be
     that bad in comparison to forcing every laptop user to edit
     /etc/network/interfaces after the install.

 (2) All translations of apt sources are downloaded by default.
     Actually, I think it is rather a bug of apt (similar to
     #641967): when a Translation file is already present for a language,
     apt-get always updates it even when this language is not listed in the
     Acquire::Languages option. 

     I guess the installer downloaded all available translation rather
     than deriving derive a sane default for Acquire::Languages from the
     language selected for the install (say, 
       { "environment"; "lng"; "en"; } 
     where "lng" is the language chosen at the beginning of the install), 
     which would certainly save some bandwidth.


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