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Bug#656509: user-setup-udeb: Please consider amending password advice

Quoting Brian Potkin (claremont102@gmail.com):
> Package: user-setup-udeb
> Severity: wishlist
> d-i says:
>    A good password will contain a mixture of letters, numbers and
>    punctuation and should be changed at regular intervals.
> Complexity in a password is good and probably unarguable, although
> length should also be considered to have some importance, Why advise
> changing it at regular intervals? Why not advocate not imparting it to
> anyone or not reusing it on other systems? Is there something which
> causes a good password to degenerate over time?
> The second part of the advice does not appear to have any technical
> basis so removing it would be of little consequence.

Are you ready to handle the round of updates for over sixty languages,
for a very debatable and cosmetic change?

I am not, sorry.

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