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Bug#655198: live-installer does not remove live packages in the installed system

Rui Miguel P. Bernardo wrote:
> I've noticed that debian-installer-launcher was not removed in the 
> installed system, as were not removed also live-config, live-boot and 
> others.

> Related to this is the search for /cdrom/live/filesystem.packages-remove 
> file. I suppose the /cdrom is not mounted when 
> finish-install.d/60remove-live-packages is executed


> 	15cdrom-detect: logger -t cdrom-detect "$@"
> 	15cdrom-detect:# Cannot just tell eject to eject /cdrom as it is not compatible
> 	15cdrom-detect:# with busybox umount. Instead, unmount the cdrom first, and then
> 	15cdrom-detect:CDDEV=$(mount | grep "on /cdrom" | cut -d ' ' -f 1)
> 	15cdrom-detect: umount /cdrom || true
> 	15cdrom-detect: db_get cdrom-detect/eject
> 	60remove-live-packages:for list in /cdrom/live/filesystem.packages-remove; do

> If that's the case then something should be done. Move 
> 60remove-live-packages to before 15cdrom-detect (or vice-versa), or just 
> remove "manually" the live packages, or something else.

I agree, it looks broken for 60remove-live-packages to come after cdrom-detect
cleans up after itself, if it depends on the CD being mounted.
> +do_manual_removal=true
> +
>  # Remove packages as specified in specific package removal list
>  for list in /cdrom/live/filesystem.packages-remove; do
>  	if [ -e $list ]; then

This patch seems correct anyway, so I have applied it, but I don't
feel it really fixes the bug, the intent seems to be for the list
of packages to remove to be moved out of live-installer and into
the creation of the live CD, and this only papers over that not working.

see shy jo

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