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Re: log-output command in os-prober

Eldar Yusupov wrote:
> I could not find os-prober development mailing, so I could not find any other
> way to find the answer other to ask you in personal by e-mail.

I've CCed our mailing list.

> I've been reading os-prober source and found the following piece of code:
> log_output () {
>         if type log-output >/dev/null 2>&1; then
>                 log-output -t os-prober --pass-stdout $@
>         else
>                 $@
>         fi
> }
> I have never heard of UNIX command "log-output", which, I suppose, redirects
> the command output to syslog.
> Google search also did not turn up anything relevant. It seems that it would be
> quite useful command for shell scripting and I'd definitely love to know more
> about it.

It's a component of the Debian installer, as is os-prober, which is why
os-prober uses it if it's available.

  log-output: Runs a command, logging any stdout/stderr output to the syslog,
  and preserving the command's exit code. If you use the --pass-stdout option,
  it will pass stdout through rather than logging it, so that you can redirect
  it to a file or pipe it to another process. Note that the command must be
  in the path, shell builtins won't work.


see shy jo

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