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Bug#652672: busybox: modprobe does not handle builtins

On 20.12.2011 01:44, John D. Hendrickson and Sara Darnell wrote:
> I hate to say anything no knowing the full story.  I was just installing.
> The initrd.gz off netinst CD does has depmod.  If you use it then your ext4 module loads right? Without depmod you could edit the modules.dep et al files with nano and that should work too, if I remember correctly.
> I had to copy ext2.ko using dd and a floppy, no fs modules in initrd to mount even minix.  deb-inst told it found no kernel in netinst which it wanted.  wtf?
> busy box saves the day again right?  i got it working.

I don't understand anything you wrote above.  Can you elaborate please?

The place you quoted from the previous email:

>> Unlike the modprobe utility from module-init-tools, busybox' version fails for built-in modules:

is at least improperly worded, proper wording would be something like
"modprobe from busybox complains about built-in modules" - since there's
no way to _load_ a module which is already built-in to the kernel.

If you have some problem with ext2.ko, please describe it in more details.



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