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Bug#411585: pinging bug


On Tue, 2011-12-13 at 06:30 +0000, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> severity 411585 important
> tag 411585 +confirmed
> thanks
> I am marking this bug as important and confirmed for various reasons. I
> am finding it with purge rather than unregister. However it seems likely
> that that purge is defined in terms of unregister, or at least that they
> share code. Unregister is realtively obscure whilst purge is always used.
> The debconf-devel(7) man page is fairly clear: "It [purge] removes all
> of your package's questions from the debconf's database". I have found
> that this works under debconf but not cdebconf. Note however that if you
> restrict yourself to debconf-show it appears to work. You have to either
> view the cache file or reinstall  a purged package to see if it failed
> or worked.
> This difference in behaviour from the documentation and the debconf
> implementation, is enough for me to think that this bug eport should
> actually be severe, but may be oters woud disagree.

Should I assume that you're actually using cdebconf on a system, and not
only as part of the installer ? It's only been possible to do so for a
very short time, and it's not the only feature missing to make it a full
replacement for debconf, yet. I'm adding it to my todo list, though.

Thanks again,

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