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Bug#650159: busybox: Please set CONFIG_DEFAULT_MODULES_DIR and CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEPMOD_FILE to the appropriate defaults

Hello Michael,

On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 02:45:58PM +0400, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> On 27.11.2011 08:25, Jens Stimpfle wrote:
> > The default config has CONFIG_DEFAULT_MODULES_DIR and
> > CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEPMOD_FILE set to empty strings (in
> > /debian/config/pkg/{deb,static}) to enable automatic build process. They
> > should be rather set to "/lib/modules", respectively "modules.dep",
> > which are the defaults when asked to define them while building with
> > them not defined.
> > 
> > This seems to not affect the package itself because those symbols are
> > only used below modutils/ dir which does not build objects in the
> > default configuration. But rebuilding the package with modutils enabled
> > currently yields defunct modprobe / depmod executables for instance.
> These symbols can not be defined without enabling module utils, which
> are not enabled.

I think you got me wrong. They /are/ defined, albeit to "" (see
debian/config/pkg/{deb,static}). Only they are not defined suitably to
build working modutils, whilst the definition value does not seem to
affect the current package (not building modutils) by any means. So I
don't see the point in deviating from upstream's defaults.

To save you some time, you can ascertain that the following works (it
does so on my squeeze system):

set -e
apt-get source busybox=1:1.17.1-8
cd busybox-*
for i in deb static
	sed -i -e 's#DEFAULT_MODULES_DIR="#&/lib/modules#' \
	       -e 's#DEFAULT_DEPMOD_FILE="#&modules.dep#' \
cd -

For me, this also worked with the busybox version from sid.


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