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Adding syslinux-udeb


currently, live-installer supports two installation modes, in a nutshell:

  * 'normal' mode: unpacking squashfs to /target, removing live-*
    packages, result: regular non-live system.

  * 'live' mode: unpacking squashfs to /target, keeping live-*
    packages, adding 'plainroot' bootparameter, result: live system

we intend to add a third, 'real live/dump' mode (name not yet clear):

  * ${new_mode}: copying squashfs to /target, rerunning bootloader
    for target device, result: live system

in order to do that, and since we cannot rely on mounting the squashfs for writing the bootloader from 'within' the live system to the target disk, we need the bootloader available in d-i itself.

since in d-i, normal .deb packages cannot be installed (that would be in the pool of the live-media), we need a udeb.

i therefore intend to add a syslinux-udeb shipping two files: mbr.bin (~440byte) and syslinux (~55k). please give the required ack in order to allow me to proceed with the upload of syslinux (which has to go through NEW for that).


Address:        Daniel Baumann, Donnerbuehlweg 3, CH-3012 Bern
Email:          daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net
Internet:       http://people.progress-technologies.net/~daniel.baumann/

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