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Bug#617943: debian-installer: isolated "make build_netboot" fails due to missing 2.6.32 modules

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> The installer itself, sometimes, need modifications or fixes to be able to
> handle newer kernel versions so the version that is hard-coded on those is
> the version that is supported by the installer. It is not only a matter of
> recompile installer against the new kernel (sometimes this works by this is
> not guaranteed). Another important point is that there are architectures
> that use different kernels depending on the subarch (e.g armel uses iop32x,
> kirkwood and others) and dynamically it is more difficult to handle this.
> Specifically about the patch it is incomplete since it doesn't handle all
> the architectures thus we can't take it.


Sorry I haven't had time to get back to this until just now.  

So, I don't have any of the subarch's to test this, but I believe they
are already handled appropriately in the "UDEBS =" line in my patch.
I'm concluding this based on the .cfg files, for example iop32x.cfg
would produce 2.6.32-5 for the KERNELIMAGEVERSION var, and that is what
I would automatically return from the automatic processing of the
Packages file.

Will it ever be the case that the kernel version as stated in the
debian-installer_binary-ARCH_Packages file will differ from the
hard-coded value in the cfg files?  It seems like they would have to be
the same, otherwise d-i would fail trying to download non-existent
files, but I may be missing something.

Best wishes,

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