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Re: [PATCH kernel-wedge] Add support for building within a kernel package

I don't want to waste your time, but there are enough changes here
that a split patchset would improve reviewing.

>  if [ "$os" = "linux" ] ; then
> -	if [ ! -e "$moddir/modules.dep" ]; then
> -		echo "no $moddir/modules.dep. This file is required by kernel-wedge" >&2
> -		exit 1
> +	if [ -e "$moddir/modules.dep" ]; then
> +		modulesdep=$moddir/modules.dep
> +	else
> +		modulesdep=$tmpdir/modules.dep
> +		depmod ${SOURCEDIR:+-b $SOURCEDIR} -V $installedname -n >$modulesdep

Shouldn't depmod be passed a System.map here? My experience with d-i's
build system's use of depmod has taught me to always provide a
System.map to it when the running kernel may differ from the kernel
being prepared.

see shy jo

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