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Bug#636812: debian-installer: wrong keyboard layout for Serbian language

Quoting Karolina Kalic (karolina@resenje.org):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: normal
> Tags: l10n d-i
> In the installation step "Select a keyboard layout" there is an option for
> Serbian (Cyrillic) layout, but after the installation you end up with Serbian
> (Latin) layout as default. Serbian (Cyrillic) should be changed to Serbian
> (Latin) because there is no hardware layout with Cyrillic letters with Serbian
> alphabet, at least not that I know. The other reason for Latin keyboard layout
> is that if you install only base system, without graphical environment,
> Cyrillic layout is mostly useless.

This is indeed because the current combination of console-data being
used in D-I and console-setup in the installed system. The former
being the providing "old-style" console-only keyboard maps (those used
at the Linux console back in the 90's) while the
latter provides X keymaps that work with the console too.

ATM, the console-data udeb only has a "Serbian (Cyrillic)" keymap in
the list of keymaps it provides:

cperrier@mykerinos:~/src/debian/console-data/svn/trunk/debian/udeb$ grep ^sr console-keymaps-at
sr      sr-cy   Serbian
sr@latin        croat   Serbian (Latin)

(if people choose "Serbian (Latin)", then the "croat" keymap would be
proposed as default)

On the other hand, console-setup, when installed, chooses keymaps
settings depending on the locale:

        XKBLAYOUT=cs,cs  # Serbia and Montenegro

So, that explains what you're seeing. The choose variant, here, is
clearly the "latin" one.

"some day", we'll switch to console-setup even in the installer, but
for various reasons (localization being one of them), it hasn't

So, we still have to do with this dual keymap handling: one in D-I and
the other in the installed system.

What we can do is replacing the current sr-cy keymap in console-data
udeb by "sr". It means that only "Serbian" will be offerred, which is,
I guess, the "Serbian (Latin)" layout. 

If you confirm that there is no such thing as a "Serbian (cyrillic)"
physical keyboard (and, therefore, that having the "Serbian (Latin)"
keymap is fine even when one chooses "Serbian (cyrillic)" as
language), I think this is the most appropriate solution.

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