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Building udebs from linux-2.6

Otavio is happy for us to start building kernel udebs from linux-2.6,
with the following provisos:

1. Installer team members (initially Otavio, Joey and Colin) will need
commit access, to update the module selections for udebs.

2. The automatic inclusion of module dependencies sometimes results in a
module being selected for multiple packages.  kernel-wedge does not
attempt to resolve this, and treats it as a fatal error.  It should be
turned into a warning when building linux-2.6 for experimental.

3. The kernel team proposed to specify the modules to be included in
each udeb using wildcards.  He is wary about this because currently the
explicit lists of modules provide a useful check that modules have not
been unexpectedly removed.  (This sometimes happens due to introduction
of new kconfig variables without sane defaults.)  We need to check for
this in some way.  Also, to allow for very memory-constrained systems we
will still need to specify explicit lists for some packages and
flavours.  Wildcards should then not match modules that were explicitly
listed in another package.  Finally, it may be useful to create a
misc-modules udeb that would include all modules not explicitly included
anywhere else or explicitly excluded.

4. kernel-wedge must remain a separate package, as it is also used for
the FreeBSD kernel.


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