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Bug#635478: debian-installer: Enable VMware modules on installer images.

Subject: debian-installer: Enable VMware modules on installer images.
Package: debian-installer
Severity: wishlist

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For quite a while now, the linux-image-* packages have had support for
the VMware modules such as vmxnet3 and vmw_pvscsi.

However, the daily builds for the Debian installer do not.
It would be very handy if at least the vmxnet3 and vmw_pvscsi modules
were enabled by default in the businesscard/netinstaller ISO files.

That way, new virtual machines created on VMware ESX/ESXi can use the
VMXNET3 network adapter; and a Paravirtual SCSI controller on the boot

Without these modules, both the network and hard disk can't be detected
at install time unless the slower E1000 network adapter and LSI SCSI
controllers are used instead.

The E1000 network adapter can easily be changed to a VMXNET3 adapter
after the install, but the Paravirtual SCSI change on the boot device
is non-trivial.


Jim Barber
DDI Health

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