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debconf and debconf/frontend

Hi all,

So, with the small patch applied to debconf, I have now switched my
laptop to use cdebconf with DEBCONF_USE_CDEBCONF. As a result, I can see
some real life issues.

The first one is the use of debconf/frontend. At every GO call, cdebconf
checks its value, and if it's different from the current frontend, tries
to load it. Since the default returned value is Dialog, cdebconf crashes
after loading debconf.templates. Is the value actually set and used by
d-i, is this a bit of unused code (couldn't find any template for it
other than in debconf), should it be changed to "cdebconf/frontend" ?
I'm seriously considering the later, but would like feedback first. I'm
also considering reworking it to be more robbust ; so that when cdebconf
fails to load a new frontend, it reverts to to previous one instead of
crashing. I'm also wondering if, when calling frontend_new(), the value
from the database should be checked and take precedence over the default
from the config file.

Any comment on this ?


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