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Bug#633725: debian-installer: On IBM x3650 M3 debian installer language selection broken

Quoting Damien Martins (doctor@makelofine.org):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: squeeze amd64
> Severity: normal
> Tags: l10n
>  On IBM x3650 M3 debian installer language selection broken-Only english is available. Same ISO (usb-stick or DVD-R) is OK on another hardware. I tried with both Netinstall and DVD-1 ISO provided on debian.org. Netinstall ISO has been written on 3 several USB sticks using Unetbootin running on windows 7, and DVD burned from Windows 7 integrated tools. All the media have been tested and confirmed OK on other computers. The bug seems to be linked to hardware. ISO versions are

Are you in position to get the full installation log. That means
proceed to the install, of course in English, then send to this bug
report, gzipped, the installation log -which you'll find in
/var/log/installer on the installed system-

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