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Bug#632970: cannot set keyboard layout for vserver

On 07/08/11 10:05, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Xephyr is not X, and uses us by default. AFAICT you need to run
> setxkbmap yourself, so there's no bug in keyboard-configuration.
> Closing this bug report accordingly.

Sorry to say, but this is not reasonable. setxkbmap wouldn't
work if Xephyr wouldn't be a XWindow server. Not to mention
that I get the same problem using xorg's Xnest.

About running setxkbmap: This is not an option, since
it requires to login first, but user authentication
requires a (correctly configured) keyboard. The remote
kdm doesn't know the user's keyboard, either.

I understand that you didn't take this into account on
designing keyboard-configuration, but I cannot help it.
Personally I am using a qwerty keyboard to avoid this
kind of problem. But fact is, there are pretty many
national keyboards out there.

My suggestion would be to open this bug report again
and to try a more constructive approach.

Many thanx


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