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Re: Squeeze Netinstall no disk detect on Vmware

Yes of course,

First you have to download an iso cdrom image of squeeze:
-Extract it's initrd.gz
-ungzip it
-make directory, enter it and use cpio -id  < ../initrd to have files a
-get files from /lib/modules/KERNEL_VERSION/kernel/drivers/scsi/

Second download NetBoot image (same release that cdrom image)
Extract it's initrd.gz, ungzip it and put files into the same path that cdrom iso. It must have the same KERNEL_VERSION.

For rebuiding the new NetBoot initrd.gz:

2011/7/7 Goncalves Patrick <pgoncalves@prosodie.com>



I have the same problem can you explain how to rebuild the initrd.gz.






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