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Re: cdebconf 0.156, and next

On Thu, 2011-06-30 at 11:52 -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Regis Boudin wrote:
> > Hello good people,
> > 
> > Having uploaded cdebconf 0.156 yesterday, I started pushing a few
> > patches, for packaging and implementing features. More specifically,
> > what's now in git should correctly guess the name of the package being
> > configured, load the templates file, run the .config file, and create
> > the database files if they don't already exist, so it should be actually
> > usable in most cases (still missing the escape CAPB and
> > dpkg-preconfigure, but I'm working on them).
> Wow, that is a significant milestone.

Though only a first step, though...

> Maybe you could write up a short tutorial on how to replace debconf with
> cdebconf on a running system and use it when installing packages with
> apt?

Well, simply setting DEBCONF_USE_CDEBCONF to 1 is enough to make
confmodule use cdebconf instead of debconf, including with apt. However
it is for now completely separate from the original debconf databases,
with no migration plan yet ; so it starts from a completely blank
database, and it becomes a bit messy if one tries to run
Currently ironing out various issues, specifically to get
dpkg-preconfigure and the escape CAPB working, but I'll start looking
into the migration as well.


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