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Re: Documenting USB install


maybe one should mention the following points in an
expert section:

- The whole isohybrid aspect can be removed by zeroing
  the first 32 kB of the image.
  Then it is a conventional CD bootable ISO image.

  This solved the problem to mount on "Snow Leopard" systems.

- The start address of partition 1 on USB stick may be
  changed from disk block 64 to disk block 0, but not to
  other values.
  A partition start at block 0 will make it look like an
  image produced by the isohybrid tool of SYSLINUX.

  (Afaik, this was not tested with the "Snow Leopard"

- One may add parttions to the USB stick which begin after
  the end of partition 1. These may be formatted with
  rw filesystems like FAT or ext2.
  Caution: Do not use xorriso to add sessions to the
           ISO image then ! This would kill the other

Have a nice day :)


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