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Re: Debian installer build: failed or old builds

Quoting Daily build aggregator (debian-boot@lists.debian.org):
> Debian installer build overview
> -------------------------------
> Failed or old builds:
> * OLD BUILD:    mipsel Jun 30 00:08 buildd@rem build_cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial 
>                 http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/mipsel/daily/build_cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial.log

Aha, our good old Daily build aggregator friend reminds us that it is
still alive...:-)

Maybe just a few hiccups on rem....or  maybe something more worrying
to be looked at by mipsel buildd admins.... let's wait until tomorrow
to see if things fix up by themselves or if a human needs to wave some
magic wand.

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