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Bug#630000: Acknowledgement (d-i cannot receive an IP address from Mac OS X)

reassign 630000 udhcpc

Quoting kinneko (kinneko@gmail.com):

> ~ # udhcpc -T 30
> loop..
> ~ # udhcpc -T 30 -i eth0 -V d-i
> loop..
> I think udhcpc somothing wrong.
> Please, back to isc-dhcp-client.

Thank you for investigating further and report that the problem
clearly lies in udhcpc.

Well, sorry, but going back to ISC DHCP client is more or less out of
question for memory and size impact. 

It would be interesting to have some debug output from the DHCP
server. Does it receive the client requests? Does it send a DHCPOFFER
answer? Etc, etc.

Similarly, more debug from udhcpc could help. Dunno if it has a
verbose command-line option, but you get the idea..:-)

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