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Re: IA64 cd images are not bootable

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 07:24:00AM +0000, Bourrine Lapin Rose wrote:
> Actually I have installed already an AMD64 version but I am unable to use the Intel Fortran Composer on this arch.
> Then
>  I have read on a forum that it was possible to install on an Intel Core
>  2 Quad an IA64 version to be able to use the Intel Fortran Composer.
> What do you suggest?

IA64 is itanium.  Nothing else.  amd64 is x86_64 which is 64bit x86.
If you have a standard PC with an intel or amd cpu that is 64bit capable,
then you want amd64 (or i386 if you just want 32bit).

Itanium is totally different than x86 and nothing to do with it will
ever work on an x86 of any kind.

Len Sorensen

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