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Re: #596584 S61mouse-support-x86 is Linux-specific [2 patches]

2011/2/24 Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org>:
> What about adding powerpc to the list of architectures were g-i is
> available? AFAICT the only non-candidate would be sparc, since the
> udeb isn't built (yet) due to linking issues (see changelog entry for
> xorg-server/2:1.7.6-1). kfreebsd-* needs some work on the X side
> (reviewing/applying Robert's patches). And powerpc used to have
> g-i. armel might be “popular” enough to enable g-i there. Not sure
> about HW stuff, though (I'm *really* not good at tracking HW stuff).

Don't forget mipsel (loongson laptops).

Robert Millan

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