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Bug#627320: console-setup: Provide Dvorak with FR and ES accents

Hello Boris !

Boris Daix, le Wed 18 May 2011 09:46:58 +0200, a écrit :
> console-data provides a keymap that does not seem to be available with
> console-setup: Dvorak with French and Spanish accents
> (pc-dvorak-latin1.kmap).  It also seems that console-data will soon
> disappear, see Bug#626680.
> Would it be possible for console-setup to provide this particular Dvorak
> layout?

Sure, but it's actually not console-setup which records layouts, but
xkb-data, console-setup is just a layer above it. There are a few dvorak
variants, for instance

us(dvorak) USA - Dvorak
us(dvorak-intl) USA - Dvorak international (with dead keys)
us(dvorak-alt-intl) USA - Dvorak alternative international (no dead

maybe there is one which suits your need?  If not, please request the
xkb-data package.


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