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Bug#627163: installation-report: Installer hangs on "Scanning disks..." at 50%

2011/5/18 Enno Gröper <groepeen@cms.hu-berlin.de>:
> Installer hangs on "Scanning disks..." at 50%.
> Booting the installer using DRAC and a virtual CD of
> debian-6.0.1a-amd64-netinst.iso works.
> I'm writing this report on the machine after installing using the debian
> netinst cd image.
> I wasn't able to install debian 6 using netinst image and USB stick.

Please run the installer from USB stick and when it hangs, copy the
/var/log/syslog into the pendrive or another one so we can have a clue
about where and why it hangs.


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