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Bug#626820: busybox httpd is crippled: no cgi, no auth-md5, no encode url string

Am 15.05.2011 22:57, schrieb Otavio Salvador:
What is the usage of those features? As Debian being a generic
distribution we try to keep busybox features as minimal as possible
but supporting general usage needs inside of the distribution itself.

Could you elaborate a bit what is your planned usage of it

For asking the crypto password from within linuxrc, I need a minimal web server which is able to run cgi scripts. The cgi script will "unlock" the crypted root partition (using cryptsetup luksOpen) and the system can continue booting.

Since the initrd should be kept small and busybox is already in initrc (for running the linuxrc script), using the busybox http is obvious. But that for it needs to support cgi and encoding/decoding.

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