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Re: About LINUX Kernel upgrade.

Quoting Suman Gangopadhyay (gangopadhyaypnbe@gmail.com):
> Respected Sir / Madam,
> I have tried a lot in upgrading the kernel of my DEBIAN 6.0 from version
> 2.6.32 to 2.6.38. Every time, when i try to boot into the new kernel I
> get stupendous errors which says to me that "UNABLE TO BOOT INTO THE KERNEL
> 2.6.38".
> Tell me or Guide me through the steps by which I can upgrade my kernel
> without any hassle.


Thanks for your interest in Debian.

The debian-boot mailing list is mostly focused on the development of
the installation subsystem of Debian. As a consequence, there are few
chances that someone can (or wants) answer to your problem.

You would probably have better success in sending your mail to the
debian-user mailing list.

You probably need to give more details about how you upgraded  the
kernel on your system.

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