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Bug#626299: debian-installer: installer broken on armel - "Can't check signature: public key not found"

* Gerd <booster@wolke7.net> [2011-05-10 19:51]:
> May 10 17:29:44 choose-mirror[1718]: INFO: suite/codename set to: stable/squeeze
> May 10 17:29:44 choose-mirror[1718]: DEBUG: command: wget -q http://ftp2.de.debian.org/debian//dists/squeeze/main/binary-armel/Release -O - | grep ^Architecture:
> May 10 17:29:44 anna[1555]: WARNING **: bad d-i Packages file

I'm traveling at the moment so I cannot try to reproduce this.  Gerd,
it seems the problem is with the Packages file but I don't see
anything about this in the logs.  Can you make the full syslog
available somewhere?  Also, can you tell me which debian-installer
image you're using?  I assume you obtained the latest from
i.e. the files dated March 15th.  Finally, can you try another mirror?

Martin Michlmayr

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